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Total Prizes Won
with LPPL from
1 Oct 2006
LPPL Poker Tournaments
held to 04 Aug 2020
Weekly Events:92,547
Area Finals:889
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  • Terms and Conditions
  • Terms and Conditions

    All LPPL members/players must adhere to the Terms and Conditions and Rules of LPPL, which may be amended at any time without prior notice.

    All members/players must be aged 18 or over.  
    All LivePubPokerLeague events are No Limit Texas Hold'em Tournaments played exclusively for League Points, unless otherwise advised, except the Area Finals which are played for points and prizes and/or Reward Points - under no circumstances must the law be broken regarding money involved with LPPL, which allows for a maximum of £5 per player OR £100 in total within a 24 hour period in any pub - the landlord or pub manager is responsible for all 'monies' and the requirement to remain within the law on their premises.  
    Tournament Directors (TDs):   All members/players are subject to any decisions made by LPPL or their official representatives, which includes TDs, full-time, part-time and casual employees.  All decisions made, whether deviating from our Terms and Conditions or House Rules, will stand.
    LPPL reserve the discretion to vary their terms, conditions, rules, prize offerings, competition/tournament offerings, winnings and planned events and dates (without restriction) as they see fit or need to and taking all circumstances into consideration - and at short notice - and terms may be changed or updated during relevant 'qualification periods', especially with Area Leaderboards and qualification 'numbers' for Area Finals which may be updated/confirmed, on an ongoing basis, up to half way through the qualification period (eg for a two-monthly leaderboard the qualifying numbers may not be confirmed until the one-month point). 
    At times we may deviate from our own rules in the spirit of fairness and/or gamemanship for either one-off situations or to amend the rules following a specific belief that it will be in the best interests of the league.
    LPPL and/or its representatives reserve the right to impose sanctions on members/players where they consider any action or behaviour not to be in the best interests of LPPL, the venue and/or members/players.  TDs have guidance on what sanctions can be imposed, but these will always be subject to LPPL approval - no TD has the right to personally impose sanctions.
    LivePubPokerLeague reserve the right to 'put right' any mistake or 'overlook' in information, including after an event, and including any order via the online shop and also in the allocation and administration of Reward Points and products within the Online Shop and in the administration and organising of events and processes, rules and arrangements leading up to such live and online events. 
    Online Poker:   We reserve the right to share information with any online affiliate/sponsor.  LPPL 'employees' are not subject to restrictions to qualify for online finals/prizes etc that involve a requirement to play 'x' live events etc.  By becoming a member of LPPL member/players agree that any online poker website that members/players join as an affiliate of LPPL will be requested to supply LPPL with details of their joining - members/players agree that full name and email address may be confirmed as having opened an online poker account, and that the LPPL website may display their 'online alias' alongside their LPPL  details.
    Prizes:   Reward Points are valid for a period of 3 years from the date of the original 'win/award' unless specifically requested to LPPL to extend the period of validity, and only such an extension will be considered instigated if members/players have received official email or mail notification from LPPL BEFORE the original expiry date and any 'extension' of Reward Points is at the sole discretion of LPPL.  Prizes that involve a specific time period must be taken during that time, if not they will be forfeited - alternatives are not usually available and an alternative may only be available at the specific approval and sole discretion of LPPL.   All prizes are subject to availability and may be substituted at any time with an alternative prize as deemed suitable by LPPL - this is also the case when purchasing products from the LPPL shop up to and including delivery.  Online Shop orders will take up to 28 days to deliver.
    Publicity:   Specific Terms and Conditions apply where public or private attendance at events is given as a prize (for example players entered to a regional, national or international tournament) - or where that prize has been transferred or sold to a 3rd party - members must wear any provided LivePubPokerLeague branded clothing and/or articles for the duration of the event (this includes all time spent on the property of the event both immediately prior to and immediately after the event - for a period covering 24 hours each side) and all PR/publicity associated, exclusively, which means no other branded clothing and/or articles can be worn without the express, prior written approval of LPPL.  'Worn' includes articles in your possession which are not actually worn, for example poker 'card guards', rucksacks etc.  
    At any event, players may be required to remove or conceal any item on their person that is deemed to be offensive or not appropriate and failure to do so will result in them being removed from the event and the premises and loss of any associated prize, expense or rights. 
    At all LivePubPokerLeague events, or when representing LPPL in any event (including as a prize or purchased or officially travelling as part of LPPL) members agree to be photographed/videoed in any event held at any venue and agree to publication in all forms of media, such as but not limited to, flyers, brochures, the internet, newspapers, magazines, DVDs, TV etc and agree to waive any rights they may have in that regard. 
    PR and advertising from any and all events associated with LPPL in any way (the event itself or players/members) will be at the sole discretion of LivePubPokerLeague and all participants must comply with LivePubPokerLeague requests giving full authority to use for PR and advertising as LPPL deem necessary.  
    Any breach of the terms and conditions of LivePubPokerLeague will render any 'prize-winner' liable to forfeit or 're-pay' the prize (or it's value and any associated costs or winnings) at the sole discretion of LivePubPokerLeague, or if the member has not 'won' their entry, then they will be removed from the event at the sole discretion and final decision of LPPL with total loss of a prize, expense or rights.
    Any award for Leaderboard Top Dog and/or Area Final Champion will only be awarded once to any player - ie if someone wins Leaderboard Top Dog more than once they will only receive a reward (non-specific) on the first occasion.
    LPPL will only use your personal details in connection with LPPL business. We may supply them to our official sponsors from time to time, but we will NEVER supply your information to anyone else, or use it inappropriately.  
    Use of the LPPL Website and Forum and media outlets such as posting on Facebook, using the LPPL Twitter account etc, is on condition of all past, present and future content becoming owned by LPPL who may at their discretion use it as as they deem appropriate for the benefit of LPPL.
    It is a requirement for all members to provide and maintain a current working email address within their LPPL Membership, and membership is accepted by LPPL on the understanding that the content of such membership, including personal details, will be held by LPPL permanently and may be used by LPPL as they deem appropriate for the benefit of LPPL.  The official means of communication by LPPL is via the LPPL Latest News, but this may be supplemented by the use of emails.  It is the responsibility of ALL players to ensure they remain up to date with changes to all aspects of LPPL, including rules, tournaments, prizes etc by consulting the LPPL News at least once per week.  Changes to venue weekly/area final events are published via the venues and schedule page ONLY - the Latest News nor Forum is not a means of passing information on such occasions.
    Last updated: 28 Aug 14

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