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LPPL Party Poker Individual Game Payouts Dec 28th 2021

Dear members, we have produced the attached 'payout structure' used for individual games on Party Poker based on the number of individual players / entries and showing how many get paid in each 'bracket of entries' (eg 3 to 6 players) with the % payment based on the total prizefund showing in each game lobby within the Party Poker software.

This should be used to work out the individual game payouts at the end of late reg for every online daily league game.

We will post a 'daily review' of all game / payouts / Golden Ticket winners the day after each daily schedule - you can of course continue to view all daily individual game results / winners / prizes in the party poker lobby for the period of 24 hours after each game.

The 'payout structure' will always be permanently prominent within the LPPL 'Latest News' section also, which can be viewed in the section above the 'latest comments' or via the top menu 'News & Roll of Honour' https://lpplleaguepoker.com/news.


Your LPPL Prize Packages Dec 16th 2021

A reminder of how to view your prizes within the LPPL website...

1 - Make sure you are logged in as a member
2 - Click on the 'Online Poker Shop'
3 - View your prizes / packages over on the left

Click on the prize package to view its description.

Products, events, trips etc are added to the Online Shop as and when we can confirm full details - and once added, players can use a relevant prize package to purchase 


8pm Daily Online Game - LIVE & ONLINE LEAGUE POINTS (bonus points) Dec 15th 2021

Starting on Thurs 16th Dec the 8pm game will run as a bonus points game for all UK players in that it will award points towards BOTH your live leaderboard score and your online leaderboard score.

Therefore, all UK participants will have their result recorded in BOTH the relevant Online League and their relevant live regional league - unfortunately currently any player who lives outside the UK cannot have points allocated to a live league as these are based on UK addresses.

For the 8pm game, points will be allocated onto one of the following regional leagues:


PLUS the relevant Online League.

Party Poker Software - action needed Dec 7th 2021

Following the latest software update by Party Poker, we've been advised that all players should uninstall the software then re-install it - this follows feedback that some players have at times been unable to rebuy / addon whilst in an event and should solve any problems around this.

LPPL LIVE League Tavern online game Dec 5th 2021

The LPPL LIVE League Tavern game, currently played at 11pm daily and where points get added to players' live leaderboard scores, with their highest / top score counting each week, will have a new start time of 8pm - will be effective from whenever Party Poker can make the change, which I expect to be Mon 6 Dec.

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