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Who doesn't love a party...

and a New Year party at that smile 

and who doesn't love DUBLIN!

So we're seeing in the New Year in style, travelling to Dublin...

Fri 31st Dec and returning on Mon 3rd Jan


LPPL Star* Packages Sep 17th 2021

An update / reminder of the news advised back in July 2021...

We have now renamed our ‘prize packages’ to allow a more flexible approach as we look to work with a greater number of live event operators, or other partners, as we move forward towards 2022 and hopefully a lot more freedom to travel 😊

Alll prizes packages have been renamed as follows:

All* Prize Package (equivalent to Premium Vegas $10k+ Package incl WSOP $10k Main Event, 7 nights shared hotel, UK flights)

5*+ Prize Package (equivalent to Vegas Package incl $500 tournament entry, 7 nights shared hotel, UK flights)

5* Prize Package (equivalent to Vegas Package incl 7 nights shared hotel, UK flights)

4* Prize Package (equivalent to International Poker Trip)

3* Prize Package (equivalent to National Championship Poker Weekend)

2* Prize Package (equivalent to National Championship Poker Entry)

1* Prize Package

Those highlighted above in bold are the ‘old named’ packages that have been won by players. Each newly named Star* Prize as above will ALWAYS be able to be redeemed for its originally named package – eg a 4* Prize will ALWAYS be able to be used for an International Poker Trip - what is different, is that the newly named prizes may now have different options in addition to the 'old named options' within the LPPL Online Shop for which they may be redeemed.

Your LPPL Prize Packages Sep 16th 2021

A reminder of how to view your prizes within the LPPL website...

1 - Make sure you are logged in as a member
2 - Click on the 'Online Poker Shop'
3 - View your prizes / packages over on the left

Click on the prize package to view its description.

Products, events, trips etc are added to the Online Shop as and when we can confirm full details - and once added, players can use a relevant prize package to purchase 


Interleague 2021 - Route To the Final Table Heads Up! (Points Scoring) Sep 2nd 2021

Interleague 2021 will see 12 teams of 12 members each compete in a single Round of STTs - no team will have more than 1 player on each table - and a total of 18 tables will be in action for the Round 1 STTs.
Round 1 will have a 20k starting stack on 18 x 8-handed tables on a 20-min clock with the following structure:
L1 100/100 
L2 100/200
L3 100/300
L4 200/400
L5 300/600
L6 400/800
L7 500/1,000
L8 600/1,200
L9 800/1,600
10 1,000 / 2,000
L11 1,500 / 3,000
L12 2,000 / 4,000
L13 3,000 / 6,000
L14 4,000 / 8,000
L15 5,000 / 10,000 (estimated time complete 6pm)
Points are scored on each STT depending on finishing position:
1st = 20 pts
2nd = 12 pts
3rd = 9 pts
4th = 7 pts
5th = 5 pts
6th = 3 pts
7th = 2 pts
8th = 0 pts
Team member scores are added together to give their total team score, and then put into a team results leaderboard which determines the 'basic starting stack' for the Round 2 STTs:
Top Team = 20,000
2nd Team = 17,000
3rd Team = 15,000
4th Team = 13,000
5th Team = 12,000
6th Team = 11,000
7th Team = 10,000
8th Team = 9,000
9th Team = 8,000
10th Team = 7,000
11th Team = 6,000
12th Team = 5,000
The above is increased by 1,000 bonus chips for every Round 1 STT table win (so a total of 18,000 bonus chips available - obviously the max any team could win is 12,000 if all 12 members won their STT).
Round 2 will have starting stacks depending on Round 1 Team Leaderboard position, with 1 player for each team represented at the table, with a tag system played (tag at any time when not involved in a hand - the decision on tagging is the Captain's only).
Each team is allowed 1 x 'timeout' when their Round 2 STT reaches '3-handed' during which they will have 1 minute to confer with their team members (the decision on the timeout is taken by the player at the table).
Round 2 will play as 2 x 6-handed tables on a 15-min clock with the following structure:
L1 100/200
L2 200/400
L3 300/600
L4 400/800
L5 500/1,000
L6 600/1,200
L7 800/1,600
L8 1,000 / 2,000
L9 1,500 / 3,000
L10 2,000 / 4,000
L11 3,000 / 6,000 (estimated time complete 10pm)
L12 4,000 / 8,000
L13 5,000 / 10,000 
Each Round 2 STT winning team will qualify through to the Heads Up Final (stacks are carried forward and used to start each HU match), where each team will be represented by 1 player (again, same tag system) in a Best of 3 Heads Up battle.
Each team is allowed 1 x 'timeout' during each Heads Up match during which they will have 1 minute to confer with their team (the decision on the time out is taken by the player at the table).
The first team to win 2 matches will be crowned INTERLEAGUE CHAMPIONS and the Team Captain (and team) presented with the INTERLEAGUE CHAMPIONS TROPHY 8-)

LPPL Online Leagues... Aug 30th 2021

LPPL runs 2 Online Leagues per month -

The OPENER (1st to 15th) and,

The CLOSER (16th to end of month).

The SEPTEMBER OPENER league will run from Wed 1st to Wed 15th September - full details https://lpplleaguepoker.com/forum_view?id=14569&pid=1
The league final is on Fri 24th September and playing for:
1st Vegas Package or 2 International Trips, + Grand Final 50k stack
2nd International Poker Trip + Grand Final 50k stack
3rd International Poker Trip + Grand Final 25k stack
4th International Poker Trip + Grand Final 25k stack
5th National Poker Weekend + Grand Final 25k stack
6th National Poker Weekend + Grand Final 25k stack
7th National Poker Entry + Grand Final 25k stack
8th National Poker Entry + Grand Final 25 stack
9th Grand Final Playoff
10th Grand Final Playoff
11th Grand Final Playoff
12th Grand Final Playoff
13th Grand Final Playoff
14th Grand Final Playoff
15th Grand Final Playoff
16th Grand Final Playoff
The League Final will also award Qualifying Points towards the FOPP National Championship
Games run on PARTY POKER (search 'LPPL' in the lobby) daily throughout the day from £1 to £5 Freezeout:
11:00 £1 Rebuy/Addon/Late Reg 11:54am - 10k stack
14:30 £5 Freezeout No Late Reg - 30k Deepstack
18:00 PLO £5 Freezeout No Late Reg - 50k Deepstack 
19:00 £5 Freezeout No Late Reg - 30k Deepstack
19:30 £1 Rebuy/Addon/Late Reg 8:29pm - 10k stack
21:00 £2 Rebuy/Addon/Late Reg 9:42pm - 10k stack
22:00 £2 ul Rebuy/Addon/Late Reg 10:42pm - 10k stack
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