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1 Oct 2006
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April 2021 Finals Weekend Qualification May 1st 2021

All league leaderboard results have been entered, and as advised on the latest LPPL email to players (27th April), the leaderboards will be locked at 8pm on Sunday and under no circumstances will any changes be made to them after this time.
Players therefore have until 8pm Sunday to advise LPPL of any errors / omissions that may need corrected.
Tickets to all qualifiers will be issued asap next week by Party Poker to allow you to register well in advance of the event start time - PLAYERS MUST REGISTER AT LEAST 24 HOURS PRIOR TO THEIR FINAL START TIME - FAILURE TO DO SO MAY MEAN IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS REGISTERING THEN WE MAY NOT HAVE TIME TO GET THINGS SORTED - AND YOU WILL LOSE YOUR SEAT.

LPPL email correspondence... Apr 29th 2021

Players are reminded to ensure that the email address info@lpplleaguepoker.com is cleared to be received into their email 'in box' and not filtered to their spam/junk folder as this is the official means of communication from LPPL.

Leaderboard 'same points' Apr 8th 2021

Players should note that on LPPL leaderboards where 2 or more players finish with the exact same number of points, then their leaderboard position is determined by a 'countback' based on the number of 1st placed finishes, 2nd placed finishes etc - so although you may have the same points as someone else, this could mean if they have better 'results' then you would finish one place below them on the leaderboard (even though the leaderboard would show for eg =1st etc) - it is leaderboard POSITION that qualifies players for finals, NOT the number of points.

New to LPPL? Apr 1st 2021

If you're new to LPPL, then WELCOME - it's quite simple and straightforward to get involved:

1) Join LPPL as a member - https://bit.ly/JoinLPPL 
2) A Party Poker account is all you need - if you haven't got one, register for one here - https://bit.ly/LPPLPartyPoker
That's it! 
You're now ready to play any LPPL game, either live or online, and have your results added to whichever league you belong - see the map on the LPPL website home page (scroll down - left hand side).
Use the Party Poker search facility in the poker lobby and type LPPL to filter to all visible LPPL games (make sure all filter boxes are set to ALL, EXCEPT 'Category' which you should set to Restricted)
Full details including April 2021 League https://bit.ly/LPPLApr21
League Leaderboards here https://bit.ly/LPPLleaderboards
Points system here https://bit.ly/LPPLleaguepoints
By playing in LPPL regular games, you are playing to finish as high as possible on your league leaderboard, with a view to qualify for the 'Finals Weekend' to play for prizes awarded by LPPL, which regularly include opportunities to play in high profile and larger buyin poker tournaments, both live and online, and holidays / breaks with other like minded players, such as:
Weekends in UK for a National Poker Weekend, including Cardiff, Edinburgh, Newcastle, DTD Nottingham and more...
A few days in Europe for an International Poker Trip, such as Dublin, Prague, Malta and more...
A week in Las Vegas in Jun/Jul to experience the thrill of the WSOP (World Series of Poker)
Whilst playing LPPL games, you also have the opportunity to play in a WEEKLY FINAL with prizes ranging from Grand Final Playoff seats, national poker weekends, international poker trips and Las Vegas packages
Full details are available on the LPPL website forum - it's a very friendly environment, so if unsure, just ask and someone will certainly reply and help you out, whatever the question or problem.
Online league games are currently played as below on LPPL Party Poker - you can register for an account here:
Use the Party Poker search facility in the poker lobby and type LPPL to filter to all visible LPPL games (make sure all filter boxes are set to ALL, EXCEPT 'Category' which you should set to Restricted)
Password for all games = league
LPPL Daily 11AM Turbo £1 R/A
Late Reg 9 levels with 10k stack on 6 min clock (no antes)
LPPL Daily 2PM £2 R/A
Late Reg 42 mins with 10k stack on 7 min clock  (no antes)
LPPL Daily PLO 5:30PM £2 max 1R/1A
Late Reg 42 mins 15k stack on 6 min clock (no antes)
LPPL Daily 7PM Deepstack £5 Freezeout
No Late Reg with 30k stack on 7 min clock (no antes)
LPPL Daily 9PM £2 R/A
Late Reg 42 mins 10k stack on 7 min clock (no antes)
LPPL Daily 10PM Turbo £2 R/A
Late Reg 42 mins 10k stack on 6 min clock u/l rebuys (no antes
Terms and Conditions are detailed here https://lpplleaguepoker.com/terms and supplemented via the forum posts.
ADDITIONALLY we host the live GRAND FINAL where the Champion will win a PLATINUM VEGAS PACKAGE WORTH OVER $10K - it has no direct buyin, and qualification is via online satellites as follows
LPPL GRAND FINAL Satellite Step 1 £2 1R*
Mon - Sun 6pm / 8pm / 11pm
10 stack / 6 min clock - min 3 to start with 24 min late reg
1 Step 2 ticket won for every £11, with 1 GTD
LPPL GRAND FINAL Satellite Step 2 £10 1R*
Sat 8pm / Sun 3pm
20k stack / 6 min clock - min 3 to start with 24 min late reg
1 Step 3 ticket won for every £55, with 1 GTD
LPPL GRAND FINAL Satellite Step 3 £50 Freezeout
Alternate Sundays 8pm (Apr 11/25, May 9/23, Jun 6/20)
30k stack / 8 min clock - min 3 to start with 24 min late reg
1 live Grand Final seat / 25k stack for every £350, 1 GTD
Multiple stacks are allowed in the live Grand Final - so win multiple entries and instead of starting with a 25k stack, start with 50k, 75k or the maximum allowed 100k
The Grand Final will take place during the next live Festival of Poker Players
* 1 Rebuy allowed when player has 1 or less chips.

LPPL Regional League changes and National Championship qualification Feb 28th 2021

Looking ahead, and refreshing things to ensure we keep the league as competitive and enjoyable as possible, whilst hopefully at some point not too far away working to incorporate both live and online league aspects, to ensure it is long lasting, from March onwards we will be running qualification from new regional leagues as follows:

Angies Room (Rest of World)
Northern (North West and North East combined)
Midlands (Midlands and Eastern combined)
Southern (South West and Southern combined)

With the cancellation of the lie National Championship, all historical finals which have contributed points to the old National Leaderboards will be moved over to the new regional qualification leaderboards as above to allow us to combine both old and future finals that will now add to qualification for the next live National Championship on the same 'combined' leaderboard.

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