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Total Prizes Won
with LPPL from
1 Oct 2006
LPPL Poker Tournaments
held to 09 Dec 2021
Weekly Events:107,613
Area Finals:1,177
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    Select your league and leaderboard period below:  

    There is one online league:   Angies Poker Online League

    There are four live leagues:  Scotland, Northern, Midlands and Southern

    Any player may play in the online league, or live league, or in both at the same time.

    The ONLINE LEAGUE runs twice a month - Monthly OPENER 1st to 15th, and Monthly CLOSER 16th to end of month - play up to 10 games and EVERY GAME will count - play more and your TOP 10 scores count. 

    The LIVE LEAGUES run 3-monthly - play up to 18 games and EVERY GAME will count (including the daily 11pm LIVE League Tavern on Party Poker - which allows your highest score each week to count) - play more and your TOP 18 scores count.  Every live VENUE CHAMPION is also guaranteed a seat in the final.

    Once you have the maximum number of games contributing to your leaderboard score, the 'Played' and 'Average' turn red - continue to play and 'better your LOWEST score' and your total points will be increased to move you up the leaderboard.

    Rank LPPL ID Player Played Average Points Won
    140051Bob 'bobby luv' Law Click here to read their latest blog 1778213,290
    220127David 'The Fish' Kingswell2270513,015
    327927Gail 'Force 10' Swain1875812,030
    447925Martin 'The Enigma' Hulland Click here to read their latest blog 127218,655
    549047Sandy Humphries227428,550
    624269Carol 'I DONT KNOW WHAT IM DOING' Sumpter116597,250
    749272Mark Roberts106986,980
    818046david 'The Hat' hawley87435,945
    944915Drew 'The Dragon' Cloke106045,595
    1032685Dave 'Paxo' Paxton78665,315
    1149894Malcolm 'Fpgmalcy' Brewer177325,000
    1249539Brian 'Marmite' Staples106224,935
    1334184Ben 'Living Legend' Murray68074,840
    1445928Glenn 'Glenn' Hardy95364,825
    1523534Gerry 'Basher' Bishop76714,695
    1630687Tom 'YoYo Tony' Jacklin67734,635
    1724204Paul Hughes67704,620
    1832148Paul 'TOOLZ' Tooley58844,420
    1946030Paul 'sk8erboi' Lomas58694,345
    2034482Terry 'the big e' Evans Click here to read their latest blog 58564,280
    2122111Steve 'Leaky' Bailey58544,270
    2233646Jamie 'The Best' Best58464,230
    2350239ALLAN CARMICHAEL117693,900
    2448149Graham 'Barry "can't cook won't" cook' cook66413,845
    2547580Stephen Davies66203,720
    2642091Matt Beere57103,550
    2729633martin coleman48783,510
    2824635Christopher Shott56983,490
    2924193Andy Bates56933,465
    3035395sarah higginson48583,430
    3143667Simon 'RIP' Rowthorn56843,420
    3240837Lee Knight56443,220
    3335667CHRIS HOMEWOOD56373,185
    3435743Rob 'silver fox' Davies56353,175
    3538893Paul Hodge47903,160
    3632962Lewis 'lew' Laker56023,010
    3749100Ronald 'Scruffy' Lucock47382,950
    3848229David 'The Minion' Kilshaw39072,720
    3943677Jack 'Luggsy' Wiffen39002,700
    4027537Gary 'Gaza' Wherry38832,650
    4149484Adam Walters46442,575
    4227540Paul 'Shill' Shillaber54922,460
    4339071rosalyn 'rosalyn \'roz\' smith' smith38002,400
    4443327Virgil 'Marius' 'cidul' Ciorteanu77232,050
    4550684Lee 'WooWoo' Adelly36631,990
    4630355Linda Dowling36231,870
    4747053Chris 'ATC' Orr Click here to read their latest blog 29251,850
    4843053denis 'denis the menace' prickett47391,840
    4938788Gavin 'The Grumpy Frenchman' Searley35631,690
    5050532Mike Osborne35471,640
    5143876Neil Cookson28051,610
    5236857Paul 'Landlord' Skeates27901,580
    5327928Alex 'TALISKER' Swain35221,565
    5420979Justin 'Skippy (DBPT)' Hazeldene27501,500
    5546178Liam 'Mowgli' Crossley26801,360
    5627817Paul Robert 'Clarky' Clarke26751,350
    5750627Denisa Preti11,2101,210
    5848460Antony Jane25601,120
    5917151Justin Roger 'Daredevil' Plaskett11,0901,090
    6017308Peter 'Santa' Berry25251,050
    6149393Simon Gotthardt1950950
    6248841Nikki 'Nikki' Humphries1860860
    6339517richard bartlett1850850
    6440354dave 'big magpie' evans Click here to read their latest blog 2418835
    6520893Craig 'Shammy De Beer (DBPT)' Roberts1820820
    6646850Callum 'Globe' Waller1810810
    =6647512Rhys Tresfon1810810
    6825021James Hawley1805805
    6934183John 'Big John' Peters1780780
    7050651steve crosby1730730
    7137330Martyn 'The taxman' Colmer Click here to read their latest blog 1720720
    7244649Alan Ellis1710710
    7334181Roger 'Cookie' Lynall1620620
    7445235Jason Kemp1540540
    7528017Matthew (The Ice-Man) Jackson1435435
    7639814josh davies1375375
    =7649954Wynne 'wynne1938' Gibson1375375
    7850212Robin 'Rhopalong' Greenfield1355355
    7947052Peter Whalley1350350
    8039024josh reeves1225225


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