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Total Prizes Won
with LPPL from
1 Oct 2006
LPPL Poker Tournaments
held to 24 Sep 2020
Weekly Events:94,511
Area Finals:937
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    Rank LPPL ID Player Played Points Won
    117308Peter 'Santa' Berry279,100
    240051bob 'bobby luv' law Click here to read their latest blog 268,425
    320127David 'The Fish' Kingswell128,275
    431694Dave 'The Rock' stones Click here to read their latest blog 178,125
    522991Linda 'The Champ' Franklin227,725
    629466Geoff 'tiny' Little Click here to read their latest blog 187,650
    749174Ian 'xxBonamassAxx' McGoldrick147,600

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    837239gerard 'Gerry500' hendrick Click here to read their latest blog 287,450
    924568Konrad 'The Boss' Czechyra126,950
    1032962Lewis 'lew' Laker106,925
    =1024133stuart 'fuuman' rankin86,925
    1229728shaun 'loved -to- poker' heron246,625
    1349207Ady Northfield Click here to read their latest blog 75,175
    1422034GARY 'DOCGB2000' BROOM63,800
    1522568Steven 'el donko grande' Bradbury Click here to read their latest blog 43,650
    1647283Rob Joss63,300
    1749246Carl 'Jono' Johnson43,200
    1832542angus 'ignorance' orr42,450
    1929155Graham 'Graa (LPPL)' Ward22,000
    2026773Jim 'MUCKY PAWS' Petrie21,900
    2110000Tom 'Irish Tom' Brady Click here to read their latest blog 31,750
    2218046david 'The Hat' hawley31,625
    2310074Anthony 'Pickers' Pickering Click here to read their latest blog 21,600
    =2322842Isabella 'Devious Diva' Boyle31,600
    2533384James 'CLOUSTY' clouston21,450
    2620979Justin 'Skippy (DBPT)' Hazeldene11,225
    2747878Anne Marigny11,150
    2849077Otylia Wittstock21,050
    2940830Hazel 'Lift 'em' Millsom2950
    3021483Holly 'Good Fold' Stanswood2850
    3139398Stuart Walker1700
    3226566Alison 'ally' Vidler1675
    3318934Jody 'Jodzilla' Cobb1550
    =3349475Darren 'The Viking' Shirt1550
    3538783Bill McDonald1525
    3649245Craig 'Mugger' Moreton1475
    3727106Andrew 'Pitbull' Coultard1450
    =3742378Niall Gratton1450
    3935319Amanda 'EMojito' Callaway1350
    4027927Gail 'Force 10' Swain1300
    4132685Dave 'Paxo' Paxton Click here to read their latest blog 1250

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