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Total Prizes Won
with LPPL from
1 Oct 2006
LPPL Poker Tournaments
held to 09 Dec 2021
Weekly Events:107,613
Area Finals:1,177
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    Select your league and leaderboard period below:  

    There is one online league:   Angies Poker Online League

    There are four live leagues:  Scotland, Northern, Midlands and Southern

    Any player may play in the online league, or live league, or in both at the same time.

    The ONLINE LEAGUE runs twice a month - Monthly OPENER 1st to 15th, and Monthly CLOSER 16th to end of month - play up to 10 games and EVERY GAME will count - play more and your TOP 10 scores count. 

    The LIVE LEAGUES run 3-monthly - play up to 18 games and EVERY GAME will count (including the daily 11pm LIVE League Tavern on Party Poker - which allows your highest score each week to count) - play more and your TOP 18 scores count.  Every live VENUE CHAMPION is also guaranteed a seat in the final.

    Once you have the maximum number of games contributing to your leaderboard score, the 'Played' and 'Average' turn red - continue to play and 'better your LOWEST score' and your total points will be increased to move you up the leaderboard.

    Rank LPPL ID Player Played Average Points Won
    148986Paul Lomax1686113,400
    240144Steve 'Poker Rat' Timmis Click here to read their latest blog 1679912,790
    348208Viktors 'BetVictor' Kursitis1386711,270
    448796stephanie winder1668911,020
    541871Wayne Groves1573310,990
    630866Paul 'Alfie' Guise (B.M.C)1571110,670
    747352alan 'rico' richardson118909,790
    844535Antony 'Tony' Blee127899,470
    950639Callum 'MrGibbyGibson' Gibson109449,440
    1043779Mark Hodson-Walker108648,635
    1149207Ady Northfield Click here to read their latest blog 108378,370
    1237205Neil 'The Vague' Inwood126858,225
    1346209bill gregory126607,925
    1430569Nigel 'Tinman' Waldron89867,890
    1549366Williams 'Baggins' Waters89707,760
    1645198Joseph O\'Mahoney98597,735
    1748797Darrell Winder155047,555
    1848746Chance King126197,425
    1930967Bill 'The Captain' Killilea107317,310
    2022901Miguel Angel 'angel' sanchez-Martin97947,150
    2146770Louise 'Mrs Tinman' Waldron88807,040
    2248151Philip Griffiths107017,010
    2344712Mark 'LEVO' Leverett88696,950
    2448806James 'Piano Man' O’Grady88436,740
    2549462Chris 'Wuzzer' Mawer97376,630
    2622991Linda 'The Champ' Franklin106536,530
    2749235Luke 'Coolhand' Smith97226,495
    2828643John 'Jacobite' Hall107606,400
    2940060Kevin 'brewerboy' Morris87866,290
    3048744Craig Hegenbarth61,0356,210
    3142146Stephanie \'Frances\' Franklin87556,040
    3249245Craig 'Mugger' Moreton87546,030
    3350597Ethan 'BIG E' Lomax87516,010
    3449365Paula Gilbert87055,640
    3550629Trevor Jenkins77775,440
    3650545Brendan 'PaddyPower' McBride86234,980
    3749246Carl 'Jono' Johnson67884,725
    3848684Liz 'Lizzie dripping' Winder59444,720
    3941800Michael Brown67654,590
    4033492Pat Byrne59114,555
    4147181Allen Gamble67284,370
    4250635Jason 'Twiggster' Twigg67104,260
    4350633Philip 'NoBody in a Suit' Steer58464,230
    4449312Paul Stephen Hughes58444,220
    4531417Aiden Grannell66684,010
    4648359James 'Whirlwind' White84943,950
    4745903Tim 'MX TIMMY' Owen57823,910
    =4746854Bill Crymble57823,910
    4947500Kirsty Marston66483,890
    =4950636Gary Jordan66483,890
    5125466Tracey 'bagsy' Baggott75533,870
    5250634Charles Fadipe66353,810
    5350525Peter Moon49383,750
    5441188james 'dustyjim' whipp57263,630
    5543829Deividas 'sexxes' Rackauskas48393,355
    5648444Simon Duff84023,215
    5750535Roger Brush56283,140
    5845655Paul 'Ace Man' Tierney47683,070
    =5831011Malcolm 'Bandit' Westall47683,070
    6049237Steve “All In” Seaman56133,065
    6150624Hollie Brindley56023,010
    6249255Ricky 'Rockhopper' Alcorn39732,920
    6343005mark 'tomo' thompson55682,840
    6444081Daz 'The Bubble Boy' Ballard39232,770
    6546353stuart burt39102,730
    6648385Stephen 'Fletch' Fletcher46652,660
    6747873Slawomir 'Casillas' Skonieczka38632,590
    6850547Zach Leake73692,585
    6949623Steven 'Brimo' Brimley46452,580
    7050623Nick Wilde55142,570
    7147711Ray Logan46302,520
    7222885Rob 'Mutley' Marshall46182,470
    7349007Bradley 'Brad' Wheeler37732,320
    7431193Brian 'Messiah' Robinson37672,300
    =7448682Ron Winder54602,300
    7630824Craig Thorneywork45342,135
    7749449David 'Dave' Neighbor45282,110
    7850673Mark 'Huddy' Hudson21,0502,100
    7936428Phil Horton21,0452,090
    8050637Robert 'the Musical Welshman' Williams36872,060
    8145904Matthew 'Matt1992' Owen36071,820
    8249390Arturs Riekstins28931,785
    8350663Dan 'DJ-Silver' Silver35771,730
    8447410Paul 'squire wotwotwot' Lanfranco28551,710
    8547825John Gregory35621,685
    8647713Joshua 'Big boy' Marston28351,670
    8749458Rob 'Rowey' Rowe28301,660
    =8750678Rik Scone28301,660
    8941286Dmitrijs 'san4es' Sanatovs28201,640
    9046354Claire Burt27951,590
    9148798Carl Ritson27851,570
    9237683ian 'iggy' gray27601,520
    9350672John 'JB80' Burton27551,510
    9437767Gary 'Chalky69' Chalke27001,400
    9550434Rafal 'WoodenAlien' Drewnowski26951,390
    9650687Leon Richards26581,315
    9748698Mark Tordoff26351,270
    9844136dan tyler26201,240
    9950702David 'Sponge' Sellars25951,190
    10048363Mark 'Huddy' Hudson11,1501,150
    10149204Adrian 'Lucky Ace' Brown25531,105
    10229503Pete 'Chelsea' Brood33551,065
    10350701Nick Craigie25151,030
    10437109Ashley 'Spyda' Hall2493985
    10550698Adam Rump1940940
    10633930Dave 'Chucky' Burt Click here to read their latest blog 1730730
    10750653Kim 'Kimbo' Daisley1720720
    10837201Nigel 'Moose' Peach1660660
    10950699Jordon Hackett1650650
    11049273Peter 'Davo' Davis1640640
    11148232Sava Florin1600600
    11249803Liam 'GoonerPiggyBB' Pickering1590590
    11350654Mark 'Swanny' Swanston1560560
    11448226David 'cop' Cops1535535
    11535599Eric 'pops' fordham1500500
    11647936Ryan Tierney1480480
    11750705Barry Hubbard1450450
    11850311Vladas 'Vladas25277' Ramanauskas1430430
    11947627Daniel 'Danny' Brown1405405
    12044515Fraser 'Fraser The Raser' Proctor1400400
    12150686Malcolm Roberts1375375
    12244137vicky lanchester1360360


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