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Total Prizes Won
with LPPL from
1 Oct 2006
LPPL Poker Tournaments
held to 09 Dec 2021
Weekly Events:107,613
Area Finals:1,177
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  • Qualification for each annual National Championship is from points won from League Finals during each qualifying period, with staggered starting stacks awarded depending on final leaderboard positions.

    Rank LPPL ID Player Played Points Won
    149660Carol 'Mrslegend' Husband11,500
    226435gail carberry11,300
    347283Rob Joss11,250
    411071Sean 'The Veteran' Weldon11,200
    550354eileen 'murphy17' shannon11,150
    611378Gary 'Shaggy' Beaumont11,100
    749894Malcolm 'Fpgmalcy' Brewer11,050
    850434Rafal 'WoodenAlien' Drewnowski11,000
    949879Shirley Cole1975
    1027107Mandy 'Thrilly' Coultard1950
    1140020chris 'baracas' orr1925
    1232492Sarah 'Sarahtigger' Beckett1900
    1349722dennis 'hawkeye11188' henderson1875
    1420336Kevan 'Spartan' Stanswood1850
    1529728Shaun-love-to-poke-her Heron1825
    1650474Ricky Buckland1800
    1730297Andrew 'AndyG' Galloway1300
    =1741520Ilze 'Izzy' Zolte1300
    =1749539Brian 'Marmite' Staples1300
    =1740025Eoin 'Tree' Keaney1300
    =1749174Ian 'xxBonamassAxx' McGoldrick1300
    =1732685Dave 'Paxo' Paxton1300
    =1750581Gary 'Gaza' Porter1300
    =1713957john 'The LPPL LEGEND' husband1300
    2540051Bob 'bobby luv' Law1250
    =2518610Tommy 'Lips B' Bell1250
    =2520127David 'The Fish' Kingswell1250
    =2522568Steven 'el donko grande' Bradbury1250
    =2546115roy 'ras333' smith1250
    =2548690Sam Cox1250
    =2549733Malcolm 'Malspurs' Breakwell1250
    =2550575Sarah 'Midge' Cushion1250
    3310000Tom 'Irish Tom' Brady1200
    =3337377Virginia '"V"' Lynskey1200
    =3338059Graham 'Ulost1' Blackwood1200
    =3343327Virgil 'Marius' 'cidul' Ciorteanu1200
    =3348770Adam 'Cheezewinz' Smith1200
    =3350074Jimmy Lafferty1200
    =3350081Chris Barnard1200
    =3350615Sounil 'AceStorm' Heeramun1200
    4112445Craig 'Darth Btings(B.G.H.)' Smith1150
    =4117308Peter 'Santa' Berry1150
    =4123238Simon 'The last boy Scout' Beckett1150
    =4143053denis 'denis the menace' prickett1150
    =4149718Melvyn '“The Melv”' Cadman1150
    =4149730Graham Edward 'booly22' Luttman1150
    =4149734Jason l 'Livingthedreams' Hayden1150
    =4150450martin 'Bowmore' nixon1150
    4921601christine 'ooo pat' coe1100
    =4922991Linda 'The Champ' Franklin1100
    =4927927Gail 'Force 10' Swain1100
    =4928709Mark 'The Rock' Rundle1100
    =4933161Sean 'Shaggy' McKechnie1100
    =4942339James 'BigEasy' Graham1100
    =4944915Drew 'The Dragon' Cloke1100
    =4945158David 'Poker pops' Amos1100
    =4945490Luke Pelech1100
    =4948594Derek Tizzard1100
    =4948986Paul Lomax1100
    =4949780Kim 'Kimpy' Callow1100
    =4949803Liam 'GoonerPiggyBB' Pickering1100
    =4949957Stuart 'Mrg27uk' Griffiths1100
    =4950046BRIAN 'BOINGBLITZ68' YATES1100
    =4950056Lesley 'Trustya2s' BARKER1100
    =4950162david Barker1100
    =4950239ALLAN CARMICHAEL1100
    =4950509Nic 'The Wycher' Rawlings1100
    =4950514tony 'TJGCLG' griffiths1100
    =4950649stewart 'fergy' ferguson1100

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