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Total Prizes Won
with LPPL from
1 Oct 2006
LPPL Poker Tournaments
held to 19 Sep 2021
Weekly Events:106,440
Area Finals:1,138
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  • Qualification for each annual National Championship is from points won from League Finals during each qualifying period, with staggered starting stacks awarded depending on final leaderboard positions.

    Rank LPPL ID Player Played Points Won
    149837Ritchie Gray1710,050
    249765Kris 'Kristova79' Anderson169,060
    349677Angie 'Ladymuck' Doherty188,700
    450074JAMES LAFFERTY158,470
    549722dennis 'hawkeye11188' henderson188,110
    649734Jason l 'Livingthedreams' Hayden187,095
    750101Mikael 'Greenbay' Grönvik145,830
    849733Malcolm 'Malspurs' Breakwell104,710
    949926Shane 'shadadda' Garner124,255
    1050225Monica Larsson74,010
    1149784Shane 'Chachie43' Allan103,870
    1250086Richard 'Richlizard' Clarke73,615
    1349735Claire 'Blondebottle' McKee73,260
    1449678Leo Fung63,205
    1549730Graham Edward 'booly22' Luttman133,145
    1650260Soile Lerviks72,825
    1750112Colin Guthrie62,705
    1850100Dave 'Donjolly' Campbell72,700
    1949739john rutter72,525
    2050228Johan Palokangas62,235
    2149732Matz 'ZOSO_' Lindman32,150
    2250084valerie 'XVALIUMX' mcgrath32,000
    2350077Richard 'Palser1' Palser31,690
    2450438robert 'thejoker6966' noblet31,670
    2550320Hakan 'Mr-Lindholm' Lindholm41,630
    2649726Dale 'Dezzie1982' Harper11,590
    2749835Anthony 'B0NES' Finn31,540
    2830631Chris 'Bravster' Bravender11,490
    2949731Darren 'Plenders21' Plenderleith51,435
    3050439Juha 'Raivari' Railosvuo31,395
    3150455Paul 'Rob Da Blind' Boyle41,320
    3249737Steve 'The-Villan' Harris41,270
    3349991Philip Baird21,120
    3449724Danny 'Aveit66' Gardiner21,040
    3550040Sam 'Sambo' Fountain21,000
    3649708Marco 'billypocket3' Wouters3800
    3715525Kevin 'Kevathallam' Greathead2785
    3849744Michael 'URabawbag2' Rettie2770
    =3850083Adam Smyth3770
    4050199Stefan 'The-Fischer' Fischer2600
    4149729Adrian 'ManCity77' Knight2500
    4210635Dave 'Lucky Pig' Barton1300
    =4250149Gavin 'Gav' Kearney1300
    =4249728Lee 'Woo0ps' Dennis2300

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