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Total Prizes Won
with LPPL from
1 Oct 2006
LPPL Poker Tournaments
held to 08 Jul 2020
Weekly Events:91,501
Area Finals:865
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Duke Of York : May 17th, 7:30pm

LPPL ID Player Position Points Won Bonus Points Total Points
30569nigel 'Tinman' waldron11,0006401,640
37201Nigel 'Moose' Peach28006151,415
44137vicky lanchester37005901,290
28643John 'Jacobite' Hall46005651,165
28191Mark 'Rigga' Ridgway Click here to read their latest blog 55505401,090
46770Louise 'Mrs Tinman' Waldron65005151,015
48151Philip Griffiths7450490940
33711joe 'awesome' awome8400465865
49097Costin Ioan 'PANDA' Nica9375440815
36112Paul 'Ill have a Dabble' Parkinson10350415765
48479Scott Andrews11325390715
47878Anne Marigny12300365665
35741Chris Hale14250315565
48909Scott 'High 5' Watkins15225290515
43779Mark Hodson-Walker16200265465
10409Kim 'Lucci' Deluchi17185240425
48208Viktors 'BetVictor' Kursitis18170215385
44136dan tyler19155190345
39555Duncan Taylor20140165305
10030Neal 'Presty' Prest21125140265
41871Wayne Groves22120115235
28493Steve 'Pinhead' Young2311590205
48796stephanie winder2411065175
42082Beryl Thacker251000100
17638Maggie 'raggygrannymags' Hall Click here to read their latest blog 261000100
29503Pete 'Chelsea' Brood271000100
48684Liz 'Lizzie dripping' Winder281000100
25473Mark 'Sharky' Rowbottom291000100
49079Chris Brown301000100
48220Chris Capewell311000100
30823Alison 'Queenie' Awome321000100
47873Slawomir 'Casillas' Skonieczka331000100
37548Steve 'Minty' Ward341000100
48444Simon Duff351000100
48779Brandon Ridgway361000100
48797Darrell Winder371000100

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