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Irish Tom
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16/06/2022 01:54

LPPL will host LIVE regional leagues for Scotland, Northern, Midlands and Southern for Jun to Aug 2022, with players qualifying by playing LIVE games in pubs/clubs and live and online home/private games throughout the UK to qualify for a Regional Final that will be held in an LPPL venue or a licenced casino/card room on a Saturday in Sep / Oct 2022.


The live regional league will be supported with an online game each day, with a maximum of 1 game per Opener / Closer league period - ie 1st to 15th / 16th to 31st (highest score) counting towards a leaderboard total.

The 'online game' will run online daily at 6pm as a £5 Freezeout (no late reg) and at 11:30pm (£1 Rebuy) on Fri and Sat AND AWARD POINTS TO BOTH YOUR ONLINE LEADERBOARD SCORE AND YOUR LIVE REGIONAL LEAGUE LEADERBOARD SCORE with 50% going towards the league and 50% paid out in cash (manually).

NB a maximum of your HIGHEST score in the 6pm game AND your HIGHEST score in the 11:30pm game may count towards DURING EACH OPENER / CLOSER PERIOD (eg 1st to 15th your highest score in the 6pm and your highest score in the 11:30pm game may count)


Qualifiers for the live regional final will be from the league leaderboard based on their top 18 scores with staggered starting stacks awarded

Gold Qualifier 1st and 2nd: 20k
Gold Qualifier Others: 15k
Silver Qualifiers: 12k
Bronze Qualifiers 10k
Drop Down VC: 10k
Reserve: 10k

Qualifying positions / lines will be confirmed around half way through the qualifying period and reviewed as it progresses, and every actual Venue Champion in the period is guaranteed a seat in the final. Prizes will also be confirmed around half way.

Leaderboard Qualifiers will be confirmed first, then Venue Champions, and VCs (not leaderboard) will drop down if the VC position is filled via the leaderboard - when the VC position 'drops down' then a minimum of 8 live games in the venue must be played by the drop down Qualifier to be eligible for the final - if not then it will continue to drop to find an eligible VC (or not find one!). The 'actual' VC does NOT need to meet the min 8 games requirement if they have not qualified via the leaderboard - only those to whom it drops down need to have played at least 8 games in the venue. New venues joining after the league starts may have the min 8 games waived, but only when approved by LPPL.

Any venue with multiple nights will have a Venue Champion for each night.

Once all results have been entered and verified by LPPL, and all VC positions have been worked out, then a final update / adjustment may be made by LPPL to the leaderboard qualifying numbers / lines, which will also take into account the capacity of the venue hosting the final.

Any player who doesn't qualify for the live final but has played at least 12 LIVE games in the qualifying period, or at least 30 games either live and/or the online will be eligible to play in the final as a 'reserve' if a seat is available (ie a Qualifier does not turn up on the day) - priority will be given to those highest on the leaderboard.

The Regional Finals will be held on a SATURDAY in Sep / Oct 2022 and will award points onto the National Championship at the live FOPP (Festival of Poker Players) in Nov 2022, and each Regional Final will be playing to win

1st International Poker Trip + Grand Final 60k stack
2nd International Poker Trip + Grand Final 40k stack
3rd National Poker Weekend + Grand Final 40k Stack
4th National Poker Weekend + Grand Final 20k Stack
5th National Poker Entry + Grand Final 20k stack
6th National Poker Entry + Grand Final 20k stack
7th Grand Final 20k stack
8th Grand Final 20k Stack
9th - 16th Grand Final Online Playoff

The GRAND FINAL now has a regular spot at each FOPP, and will continue to have no direct buyin available, with qualifiers winning multiple starting stacks (up to a max 100k) from LPPL live and online league finals and other events, including online satellites, with the winner of the GRAND FINAL winning a Platinum Las Vegas Package that includes return flights, 7 nights hotel accommodation and entry to a WSOP event and on a 70/30 basis with the other GRAND FINAL Final Table players - the other 8 final table players sharing the 30% between them based on their finishing position.

Totally separate to the live regional leagues, LPPL ONLINE LEAGUES will continue to run twice a month:

MONTHLY OPENER (1st to middle of month)
MONTHLY CLOSER (middle of month to end of month)

With the Online Finals playing for:

1st 5* 500 Package + Grand Final 20k
2nd 4* International Poker Trip + Grand Final 20k
3rd 4* International Poker Trip + Grand Final 20k
4th 4* International Poker Trip + Grand Final 20k
5th 3* Poker Weekend + Grand Final 20k
6th 3* Poker Weekend + Grand Final 20k
7th 2* Poker Event Entry + Grand Final 20k
8th 2* Poker Event Entry + Grand Final 20k
9th - 16th Grand Final Playoff Seats

Search LPPL in the Party Poker lobby

Password = league

all games need a minimum 3 players to start

11:00 NLH £1 Rebuy/Dbl Addon/Late Reg 11:45am
13:30 NLH £1 Rebuy/Dbl Addon/Late Reg 2:20pm
15:30 NLH £1 Rebuy/Dbl Addon/Late Reg 4:20pm
17:30 PLO £1 Rebuy/Dbl Addon/Late Reg 6:20pm
18:00 NLH £5 F/O No Late Reg 20k Live AND Online Lg Pts
19:00 NLH £5 F/O No Late Reg 30k Deepstack
19:30 NLH £1 Rebuy/Dbl Addon/Late Reg 8:20pm
21:00 NLH £2 Rebuy/Addon/Late Reg 9:42pm
22:00 NLH £2 UL Rebuy/Addon/Late Reg 10:42pm


20:00 Heads Up £5 Freezeout No Late Reg (max 64 players) - online league points for top players

23:30 NLH Turbo £1 Rebuy/Dbl Addon/Late Reg 12:20pm (Live AND Online Lg Pts)

All you need is a Party Poker account.
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