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Las Vegas Summer '22

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The Don
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Posts: 2.
12/04/2022 18:01
Whilst we have finalised our dates for Las Vegas this Summer, we’re delighted firstly to confirm that our Grand Final Champion from the Nov 2021 FOPP, Mathew Huby, has been booked for his once-in-a-lifetime WSOP Main Event trip!

Mathew will travel out on 3rd July, returning on 10th, and he has some LPPL stalwarts who have decided to pay a bit extra and travel out to rail him - Mathew is joined by Si, Jamie and Anthony Manning, Shane Pollington and Ryan Pearson – a great rail in Vegas for Mathew, and of course, we’ll keep everyone back home up to date with his progress – especially those final table players who have 30% of him!

Whilst we can confirm the LPPL Vegas trip will be a choice of either 20th June (arrive back 28th) or 23rd June (arrive back 1stJuly) for 7 nights, which is available in the LPPL online shop for those with a 5* package to purchase from now, for anyone else who would prefer to go during the WSOP Main Event period, and pay the difference in cost, which as of today would be around £200, then please let us know asap and we will work to make arrangements.

Options are also open to go at a different time also – just contact us asap.

Of course, for those 5*package holders wishing to delay their trip until a future year, that’s no problem either.

And finally, if you would prefer to use your 5* package for something different – a 7 night holiday for 2 in Malta, or to play the €555 Battle of Malta (est €2m Gtd) – then you can view some of the options in the LPPL online shop also – and we’re adding more each week.

MAKE SURE YOU ARE LOGGED INTO THE LPPL WEBSITE TO VIEW THE LPPL ONLINE SHOP 5* PACKAGE OPTIONS https://lpplleaguepoker.com/voucher?id=19 which of course include both dates for Vegas 2022 😊
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Posts: 1903.
15/04/2022 00:17
|Anybody going?
Irish Tom
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Posts: 8074.
15/04/2022 23:07
Please be advised that you have a week remaining to make your mind up about travelling to Vegas with us this June - the choice of dates for 20th June and 23rd June will remain in the online shop until Fri 22 Apr - so please, make your decision before then and if going this year, then Matthew Summers will see you in Vegas smile

If not this year, then of course there is always 2023 or beyond, or indeed, another option for your 5* package, which currently includes:

Aug 19th - 22nd a trip for 2 people to Bratislava for poker and fun smile

Oct 2nd - 9th a 7 night holiday for 2 people in Malta

Oct 7th - 10th play the LPPL Championship at BOM for 2 people

Oct 2022 play the BOM €555 / €2m GTD Main Event

All the above are currently in the online shop (make sure you are logged in as a member to view it) https://lpplleaguepoker.com/voucher?id=19

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