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Posts: 7022.
16/04/2022 07:43
Congrats to Mark Morris who won yesterday's Golden Ticket and qualifies straight through to the WINNER FINAL smile
Fri 1st - 1:30pm & 7:30pm - Luke Pelech & Tracey Baggott
Sat 2nd - 11am & 9pm - Roy Smith & Monica Larsson
Sun 3rd - 10pm - Shane Pollington
Mon 4th - 3:30pm - Ilze Zolte
Tue 5th - 1:30pm - Kev Stanswood
Wed 6th - 6pm & 9pm - Dave Paxton & Ian Mcgoldrick
Thu 7th - 3:30pm - Simon Gotthardt
Fri 8th - 5:30pm - Jeffrey Talbot
Sat 9th - 6pm - Kim Callow
Sun 10th - 1:30pm & 9pm - Virginia Lynskey & Johnnie Mcgowan
Mon 11th - 10pm – Graham Luttman
Tue 12th - 7pm - Antony Ross
Wed 13th - 11am & 6pm - Andrew Galloway & Mikael Gronvik
Thu 14th - 9pm - Glenn Hopley
Fri 15th - 10pm - Mark Morris
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Posts: 72.
16/04/2022 10:16
|Hi when is list for April single game
Closer league being posted. Thx?
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Posts: 7022.
16/04/2022 19:15
|Hi Andy it is here https://lpplleaguepoker.com/forum_view?id=14684
Irish Tom
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Posts: 8074.
29/04/2022 09:59

Best of luck to our Finalists tonight, all starting with 75k and all will be auto registered into the event:

Luke Pelech
Tracey Baggott
Roy Smith
Monica Larsson
Shane Pollington
Ilze Zolte
Kevan Russell Stanswood
David Paxton
Ian Mcgoldrick
Simon Peter Gotthardt
Jeffrey Talbot
Kim Callow
Virginia Lynskey
Johnnie Mcgowan
Graham Edward Luttman
Antony David Ross
Andrew Galloway
Mikael Gronvik
Glenn Hopley
Mark Morris

Irish Tom
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Posts: 8074.
05/05/2022 22:01

Huge Congrats to Simon Gotthardt on winning the Final on 29th April and an International Poker Trip, beating Jeff Talbot Heads Up who won a UK Poker Weekend, and with Glenn Hopley taking 3rd spot for a UK Poker Entry - and with all 3 winning a Grand Final Seat / 20k stack smile

Winning a Grand Final Playoff Seat for 7th May were:

4th Ilze Zolte
5th Dave Paxton
6th Roy Smith
7th Tracey Baggott
8th Andrew Galloway

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