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DAILY WHEEL SPINS for Event Winners to win Grand Final Stacks

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Posts: 54.
22/03/2022 22:21
|Are these still happening?
Irish Tom
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Posts: 8074.
17/05/2022 18:00
|Still happening Dawn yes - we've done up to 6th Mar which is the last day stacks are won for the Online Grand Final 9th/10th Apr.

Just about to do the March Opener League spin for stack upgrades, thereafter we'll do from 7th Mar onwards asap.

Confirming latest Daily Wheel Spin Grand Final Stacks:

Mar 7th -
Mar 8th Michael Meighan (Junior)
Mar 9th Mark Fullarton
Mar 10th Christine Carroll
Mar 11th -
Mar 12th Dan Briggs
Mar 13th -
Mar 14th Dawn Cooke and Gary Lipman
Mar 15th Gordon McArthur
Mar 16th Robert Storey
Mar 17th Craig Smith
Mar 18th Kev Morris
Mar 19th Graham Luttman
Mar 20th -
Mar 21st Mark Rundle
Mar 22nd Chris Turner
Mar 23rd Neil Inwood
Mar 24th -
Mar 25th Thomas Holleran
Mar 26th -
Mar 27th Tony Blee
Mar 28th Brian Staples
Mar 29th Monica Larsson
Mar 30th Johan Palokangas
Mar 31st -
Apr 1st Ian Watson
Apr 2nd Yani Kyriacou
Apr 3rd Monica Larsson
Apr 4th Ady Northfield
Apr 5th Gerry Bishop
Apr 6th Juha Railosvuo
Apr 7th Jason Twigg
Apr 8th Dave Hardy
Apr 9th Mark Hudson
Apr 10th Shane Allan
Apr 11th James Graham / David Helm
Apr 12th Carl Ritson
Apr 13th Shane Allan / Kim Callow
Apr 14th -
Apr 15th Vikki Anstey
Apr 16th Mathew Huby / Dave Kenny

Seems Facebook have restricted our 'go live' on a temporary basis.... so to be continued...

Irish Tom
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Posts: 8074.
18/05/2022 14:54
Latest Daily Event Winners, who have won a Grand Final Stack via the Daily Wheel Spin (for event winners):

17 Apr Jamie Jackson
18 Apr Amy Hogan
19 Apr Brian Robinson
20 Apr Tracey Baggott
21 Apr Callum Gibson
22 Apr Sean Weldon
23 Apr Brian Staples
24 Apr Pat Byrne

(still limited on 'going live' via Facebook so we'll update this a handful at a time)

A reminder that a Daily Wheel Spin is done for every day for all online event winners, plus live event winners, and where the wheel stops then the winner of the event wins a Grand Final Seat / 20k starting stack smile

The list is up to date for Grand Final Qualifiers, and their stacks, to date 24th Apr for the Daily Wheel Spins, and to 15th May for online events, and the complete list can be found here:


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