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Festival of Poker Players (FOPP) / Festival of Poker Players Nov 2021
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Posts: 223.
09/10/2021 13:22
|So, as the FOPP is only a few weeks away now I am pretty sure most of you have sorted your way of getting there.

But I thought I would start this thread to maybe help each other out, as we spoke about it on stream last night.

If you are driving down and have any room in your car, speak up. Why not share some of your petrol expenses? Or have some nice company for your journey?

So .....

My plan now is I won't be driving from the Liverpool boat. I will be driving from Essex.

I am going to Essex for a few days before I fly off to Turkey, to leave my car there (after Dublin) I can't get back direct to Belfast as there will be no flights from Dalaman when the season closes. So, as I would have been taking a car on the boat for the FOPP anyway this isn't costing anymore than it would have. So I can fly back to Stanstead anytime that suits. (preferably a couple of days before the FOPP)

Explaining all that because I had previously offered my services from Liverpool... but I will still be passing manchester etc so that offer still applies.

This is subject to me ever returning from Turkey lol I am being encouraged to move there wink

So if you need a lift on my route from Essex let me know.

If you have room in your car let us know your route..speak up, don't be shy kiss
Irish Tom
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Posts: 7767.
09/10/2021 14:35

Angie route...

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Posts: 223.
09/10/2021 14:44
|Oh, so nowhere near Manchester then blush well that was just an example wink lol
Defying Gravity
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Posts: 2265.
09/10/2021 14:53
|Hey guys! I drive a people carrier so will have 5 free spaces and can pick up anywhere from falkirk downward or Scotland downward as can pick up all over Scotland too. So can cover ntthing North Even if its a de tour 😊

The only thing is il be setting off Friday morning instead of Thursday. And il need to stop every 2ish hours 😂😂

No money wanted xx
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Posts: 28.
15/10/2021 19:43
|Huy guys! Is anyone coming from the South? I am living in New Milton, somewhere between Southampton and Bournemouth. I am planning to come in my car and I am happy to drive. I can pick someone for the company. Just let me know.
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