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Posts: 53.
Yesterday 18:59
|Good luck kim
LPPL Admin
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Posts: 632.
Yesterday 19:03
LPPL Admin
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Posts: 632.
Yesterday 21:18
The winners of the Pairs are David Helm and James Graham with a score of 12 points - well played.
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Posts: 25.
Yesterday 21:32
|That was good. Put names down with victor as he was looking for a partner and z he already regged . And he never even played and I went on and won lol
LPPL Admin
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Posts: 632.
Today 10:12
EVERY DAY throughout the qualifying period the 7pm £5 Freezeout event will also run as a PAIRS Team event

TONIGHT's 7pm £5 Freezeout Deepstack
game will run as normal with cash paid out to individuals, same points for leaderboards etc, but ADDITIONALLY, as an added bonus, all those who post 2 player names in the same post on THIS THREAD BY THE EVENT START TIME, then those players form a team for this game and will have their scores added together and the team with the lowest combined score will be the winners.

The points scoring system for the PAIRS game is as per the following example, based on 56 players with the LOWEST SCORING team winning the Golden Tickets

56th = 56 pts
55th = 55 pts...
2nd = 2 pts
1st = 1 pt


DO NOT post individually - both names must be in 1 single post and PLEASE POST FIRST / LAST NAME AS SHOWN ON THE PP TABLES, eg:

Thomas Brady / Mark Rowbottom

A GOLDEN TICKET will be awarded to every daily league game winner throughout the qualifying period, along with the daily PAIRS winning team members, and MULTIPLE GOLDEN TICKETS MAY BE WON. At the end of the qualifying period, a 'raffle type wheel spin' will be done to select ONE DAY during the qualifying week, and all Golden Ticket winners from that day, who have played at least 10 games during the qualifying period, will be awarded the following:

if the Golden Ticket winner is a...

Gold Final 100k stack Qualifier - Grand Final Playoff Seat
Silver Final 60k stack Qualifier - upgrade to 100k stack
Bronze Final 30k stack Qualifier - upgrade to 60k stack
Non Qualifier - upgrade to 30k stack

NB - ALL must have played at least 10 games during the qualifying week to be eligible for the above rewards / prizes (does not drop down if not, and any ‘multiple’ Grand Final Playoff seats do not carry forward).
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