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Interleague Challenge Sept 2021 - Team Captains and Team List / Members

Interleague Challenge / Interleague Challenge 16 (2021 - Midlands)
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Irish Tom
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Posts: 7000.
27/08/2021 17:16
|We’re delighted to confirm all competing teams for the INTERLEAGUE CHALLENGE 2021, which includING our latest league ‘Angies Room’, and an ‘Invitational Team’ are as follows:

Defending Champions
Fleur Deluchi (Team Captain)
Freya Deluchi
Steve Davies
Alan Ferris
Joe Awome
Alison Awome
Lisa North
Neil Inwood
Vicky Lanchester
James O'Grady
Ilze Zolte

East Scotland
Ruth Fullarton (Team Captain) non playing
James Raeburn
Tim Sims
Jamie Gilmour
Ross Fullarton
Alan Pearcy
Colin Murray
Nicki Meighan
David Meighan
Alan Harley
Graham Thomson
Kim Deluchi
Ian Snedden

West Scotland
Scott Watson (Team Captain)
Craig Hitchin
Gary McCallum
Graham Blackwood
Jon Orr
Angus Orr
Eileen Shannon
Simon Shannon
Graeme Wright
Johnnie McGowan
Mike Allen
Sean McKechnie

North East
Sean Weldon (Team Captain)
Vikki Anstey
Johnny Nixon
Julie Nixon
Elizabeth Weldon
Shane cook
David hardy
Paul Davis
Ian Ayre
Eddie Carberry
Gail Carberry
Paul Hindmarsh

Damien Auty (Team Captain)
Andrew Burridge (vice capt)
Antony auty
Christine coe
Steven Bradbury
Shaun heron
Shelie coy
Shane Pollington
Brian coe
Paul Tattersfield
Paul Ratcliffe
Robbie Watson

Mandy Coultard (Team Captain)
Dave Stones
Del Watson
Andy Coultard
Sean Snell
Joe Gaynard
Liam Coultard
Derek Tizzard
Ally Vidler
Kev Kent
Paul Sissons
Dave Hargreaves

Tony Blee (Team Captain)
Lesley Warren (vice captain)
Paul Lomax
Tracey Baggott
Roxanne Monaghan
Stuart Burt
Claire Burt
Dave Burt
Paul lanfranco
James white
Ben West
Ben Cook

Nigel Waldron (Team Captain)
Roy Smith
Steven Brimley
Louise Waldron
Viktors Kursitis
Alvaro Carvalho
Steve Timmis
Nigel Peach
Luke Smith
Joe Omahoney
Paul Guise
Miguel Sanchez

Gail Swain (Team Captain)
Bob Law (Vice Captain)
Dave Kingswell
Kev Stanswood
Claire Stanswood
Charlie Deluchi
Lewis Archer
Rob Temple
Tom Mundy
Martin Hulland
Edi Nacaesu
Sue Watson

South West
Pete Berry (Team Captain)
Caz Findlay
Paul Hodge
Rob Davies
Paul Shillaber
Martyn Colmer
Chris Homewood
Gary Broom
Tom Brady
Paul Clarke
Simon Gotthard
Christian Dumbarton

Debbie Hunter (Team Captain)
John Coy
Mathew Huby
Dan Tyler
Haydon Shorthouse
Mark Ridgway
Linda Franklin
Anthony Pickering
Peter Cook
Lee Walton
John Husband
Stephanie Franklin

Online League

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