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Interleague Challenge Sept 2021 - Details & Team Captains

Interleague Challenge / Interleague Challenge 16 (2021 - Midlands)
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Irish Tom
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Posts: 7124.
21/08/2021 14:14

The INTERLEAGUE CHALLENGE is a LIVE LPPL team event where regional teams of 12 players each come together for a weekend of poker, booze and… well, more poker and more booze!

Every year each team will have a Team Captain chosen by LPPL who will look to lead their team to glory – the team that are crowned Champions then have the honour of defending their title the following year, with the event hosted in their Region, with the actual venue (usually an LPPL host pub / club, but it could be a casino etc) and date co-ordinated by LPPL – it is usually held in early Sept.

For some events we have also involved 1 or 2 ‘invitational teams’ – for example, previously we’ve had a team from APAT, but mostly, invitational teams are made up from LPPL members who didn’t make it into their Regional team – where a invitational team wins, then as Defending Champions that winning team is invited back to defend their crown, with the next location chosen by LPPL.

The INTERLEAGUE CHALLENGE 2020 was cancelled due to Coronavirus, with 2019 being won by an invitational team, and therefore that team has been invited back to defend their title, and LPPL has elected to host the event over the weekend of Friday 3rd Sep 2021 at the Northfield Conservative Club, 1 The Mill Walk, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 4HL.

Each Team Captain has a place in their team, with further places available to be ‘won’ via LPPL games / leaderboards etc, leaving the remaining to be decided on by Team Captain ‘Wild Card’ choices (must be members of LPPL who have played in LPPL).

The weekend will run as follows:

Fri 3rd

7pm - Registration for Social MTT opens (£24 per team)
(only needs 1 player to register the team)

8pm SUAD

Bar closes 1am with 1 hour drinking up time

Sat 4th

11:30am - teams assemble at Northfield Conservative Club

12:00 noon - teams introduction / music
(commence play on completion)


5:30pm Round 1 complete

7:00pm Round 2 commence - complete 10pm

10:30pm Heads Up Final commence - complete midnight

Bar closes 1am with 1 hour drinking up time

We’re delighted to confirm all competing teams for the INTERLEAGUE CHALLENGE 2021 are as follows:

Defending Champions Fleur Deluchi
East Scotland Ruth Fullarton
West Scotland Scott Watson
North East Sean Weldon
Yorkshire Damien Auty
[bHumber Mandy Coultard
Lincolnshire Tony Blee
Midlands Nigel Waldron
Southern Gail Swain
South West Peter Berry
Invitational Debbie Hunter
Online League Team tbc

As usual, all teams must wear ‘team shirts’ and this year the shirts will be ‘printed’ t-shirts and it will be the ‘design’ that differentiates each team from another - and the design of the shirt is chosen by Team Captains and all team members must purchase the shirt at £25 per player paid via Teams Captains in advance.

The Top 3 winning teams will split a ‘cash prize’ from the event as donated by LPPL as £720/£420/£300.

'National Championship Weekend' prize package vouchers may be used for this event, which will include 2 nights shared accommodation, initial buyin to the Fri evening poker game, payment of the £25 for their team membership and a £25 bar tab in the Club on Saturday.

Last edited by Irish Tom on 21/08/2021 at 14:14:07
Irish Tom
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Posts: 7124.
21/08/2021 13:27
|We have pre-booked hotel accommodation in The Greenlands Inn (5 mins walk from Prem Inn - and closer to the Northfield Club) for those who may wish to use a 'package' for the weekend.

All players with a 'National Championship Poker Weekend' package may use it now in the LPPL Shop for Fri and Sat night shared (twin bed) hotel accommodation, £25 Interleague team member cost (includes team shirt) and a £25 bar tab - plus entry to the Fri night £10 charity game. You of course may also advise us of whom you'd wish to share with. Purchase here https://lpplleaguepoker.com/browse?k=C_066&id=869

Anyone holding an 'International Poker Trip' package may also convert it into 2 x National Championship Weekend' packages and then use one of them to 'purchase' the above for the Interleague weekend. Convert here https://lpplleaguepoker.com/browse?k=C_065&id=868

Or if you wish to convert your 'International Poker Trip' package to use for Interleague for 2 people in a 'double bed' room then you may do so. Convert and purchase it here https://lpplleaguepoker.com/browse?k=C_066&id=870


el donko grande
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Posts: 4101.
01/09/2021 16:10
|Anyone know if food is available at the inter league venue???????????????

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Posts: 3909.
01/09/2021 17:38
|Yes, filled cobs and pies/pasties chips on Friday available to purchase. Curry or Chilli and rice will be provided by the club on Saturday. There are also local take aways within a 5 minute walk.

Guy from Northfield club posted the above on fbook
el donko grande
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Posts: 4101.
01/09/2021 17:59
|thanks for info
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Posts: 732.
03/09/2021 02:18
|To all those travelling. Have a safe journey and may the best team (Midlands) win. 😉🤫
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Posts: 358.
03/09/2021 05:12
|Filled cobs ? ?? U mean sandwiches?.lol
Good luck all , especially Yorkshire ❤
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Posts: 140.
05/09/2021 03:06
|Tha k you very much to Tom, Kim and the troops for making, once again for a great weekend....Lisa tnx for my quad 4s.. sorry R...u know I ❤ u and ur fantastic family...xxx to u all...enough said....
Well done to Lin s😁Looking forward to meeting you all at Nats....quiet Gazza 😁
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Posts: 3848.
05/09/2021 09:44
|Well done Lincolnshire and tony great result long over due
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