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Posts: 60.
06/04/2021 15:27
|Just trying to get some more info on the National Championship as not sure when and where this takes place or are there more than one?

Is this played at the same time as the FOPP in November in Tunstall alongside the Grand Final?

I can see points allocated to players in the monthly finals but not sure how these equate to NC qualification.

I think I have won a NC main event seat but really not sure if it is for a specific game and when that is.

Any help would be much appreciated as it's a minefield trying to navigate around the site finding specific info.


Irish Tom
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Posts: 6030.
06/04/2021 19:18
|Hi Jimmy,

the National Championship is a free-to-enter live event played annually during the live FOPP - entry is by qualification only (no direct buyin) and the starting stacks are staggered depending on where each player 'qualifies' on their leaderboard - National Championship leaderboards can be seen under the drop down menus at the top under 'Leaderboard / National Championships https://lpplleaguepoker.com/leaderboard

Further details on the chip stack allocation can be seen, along with all other info on the FOPP, here https://lpplleaguepoker.com/forum?fc=224, including dates, venue, accommodation booking, draft schedule of events for the weekend and the National Championship event structure

The 'package' you won is not to attend the FOPP - that is for something totally different - entry to an APAT National Championship event (eg English National Championship, Welsh National Championship, Scottish National Championship etc)

So, like all LPPL members you are able to attend the FOPP just for being a member, and as you will see from the National Championship leaderboard for Angies Room (link above) you are currently sitting in position 12/40 - that, currently, would entitle you to a National Championship starting stack of 40k based on the staggered stacks:

National Leaderboard Top 20% - 50k
National Leaderboard 21-50% - 40k
National Leaderboard 51-70% - 30k
National Leaderboard 71-100% 20k

And not forgetting, you have a seat in the live GRAND FINAL which will also be played during the FOPP.

Anything else mate just ask.

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Posts: 60.
06/04/2021 19:43
|Thanks Tom, really appreciate you taking the time to explain this to me as I'm easily confused(just check raise me and you will see what i meansmile

I found a post showing the stacks relating to your National Leaderboard position as above, but wasn't sure if it was just your own region or all regions together as I'd be much further down if it was.

Either way I'm sure I'll be there to annoy Angie and have a few beers with my new best buddy Matthew.


Full Tilt (T.T)
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Posts: 358.
07/04/2021 12:38
|Here Jimmy

Will definitely be your new best buddy if your buying sunshine wink
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