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Festival of Poker Players (FOPP) / Festival of Poker Players Mar 2021
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Irish Tom
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Posts: 6030.
05/04/2021 13:11
|Ooops, just found a box of trophies under the stairs!

Been a long year already lol - will get them sent this week blush
Young Chas
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Posts: 4088.
08/04/2021 11:12
|To Tom and Mark

At times I have been a pain in the backside with regard to the management of LPPL , but always appreciate the work that they and the other staff do , that makes my playing of live poker so enjoyable and have met some fantastic people , too numerous to detail here , but one I would like to mention is the late Steve Keans , perhaps it would be appropriate to name an event in his name , at the FOPP , the PLO championship perhaps and there are probably others that are remembered fondly by other players .

Now is the time to prepare for the return of live pub poker and perhaps initially our games could be adapted to start with tables being 6 handed and played down to the last 3 and then combined again to 6 and played to the end (based on 2 tables ) if restrictions are placed on numbers .

Looking forward to playing LPPL poker live soon and socialising again ,
Darth Btings(B.G.H.)
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Posts: 2417.
08/04/2021 11:57
|'At times' smile
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Posts: 14604.
08/04/2021 14:29
|'At times' indeed......!!!!!

Sadly, there have been so many LPPL players and characters we have lost over the years - all very sad and a loss to us all. I (personally) feel to name an event after one would indicate that person would be more of a loss than anyone else - and im pretty sure thats not at all the case.

If 'A' then why not 'B' or 'C' and so on...

As always, Tom's ultimate decision, but that would be my stance, for whatever thats worth.

We honour those we've lost as a family and pay tribute to them by doing what LPPL is known best for - raising a glass to them and keeping them as a cherished memory of being part of our history and family.

Young Chas
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Posts: 4088.
08/04/2021 16:31
|Glad to see my fan club is still intact ---------love you all .

Soon to return to live poker can't wait , will bring my own unique style to a venue near you around the country now I am an elder statesman smilesmilesmilesmilesmilesmilesmilesmilesmile
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Posts: 3487.
08/04/2021 16:56
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