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Top Dog Monthly Final

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Irish Tom
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Posts: 5045.
16/11/2020 14:03

Starting 30th Nov 2020, the player at the top of each league leaderboard at the end of the month, the Top Dog, plus the next highest scoring player from all the leagues combined, will be invited to the 9-haned 'Top Dog Monthly Final' and play for a Grand Final Seat / 25k Stack in the live Grand Final (which has no direct buyin).

Players should note that on LPPL leaderboards where 2 or more players finish with the exact same number of points, then their leaderboard position is determined by a 'countback' based on the number of 1st placed finishes, 2nd placed finishes etc - so although you may have the same points as someone else, this could mean if they have better 'results' then you would finish one place below them on the leaderboard (even though the leaderboard would show for eg =1st etc) - it is leaderboard POSITION that qualifies players for finals, NOT the number of points.

Glad that's not confusing smile

Irish Tom
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Posts: 5045.
25/11/2020 12:13
A reminder that each league's Top Dog for Nov, plus the next overall highest scoring playing, will all qualify for the 9-handed Top Dog Monthly Final with a GRAND FINAL SEAT / 26K STACK for the winner.

Currently we have the following Top Dogs:

Angies Room: Jimmy Lafferty 21,975
Eastern: Paul Lomax 15,895
Midlands: Roy Smith 19,035
North East: Flick Summers 21,415
North West: Si Manning 22,475
Scotland: Angus Orr 22,535
South West: Malcolm Brewer 19,000
Southern: Bobby Law 21,225

And currently, we think the following are fighting it out for the next overall highest scoring player - if not to take Top Dog spot in their league themselves:

Colin Guthrie: 21,225
Dennis Henderson: 19,390
Gavin Kearney: 18,640

Richard George: 12,445
Mark Leverett: 12,280

Colin Foster: 17,965
Linda Franklin: 17,505

David Amos: 19,520
Mandy Coultard: 17,210

Gary Beaumont: 19,845
Paul Marlow: 19,125
Darren Beeley: 18,300

James Graham: 21,055

Paul Shillaber: 14,820

Dave Paxton: 19,735
Brian Staples: 19,345
Geno Genov: 17,085
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