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LPPL Interleague Online Challenge Sun 1st Nov

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Irish Tom
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Posts: 4898.
20/10/2020 20:53
With the cancellation of the Interleague Challenge which was planned for Sept in Birmingham, we are hosting an Interleague Online Challenge that will be run in tandem with DTD as part of a DTD Online Team Event on Sun 1st Nov at 5pm - buyin £22pp.

Details of the DTD Team Event are here https://dusktilldawnpoker.com/event/online-team-event

The LPPL Interleague Online Challenge will run as follows:

LPPL teams will consist of 4 members each from the same league with multiple teams allowed from each league, with names for eg as 'LPPL Scotland xxxxxxxxx' (choose whatever name you wish after Scotland) etc, with a team captain nominated by the team.

The HIGHEST PLACED LPPL team will win a Golden Ticket for each member into the Vegas Weekly Final on Friday 13th Nov - 4 seats in total

We also have a Team LPPL entered consisting of Kim Deluchi, Flick Summers, Angie Doherty and myself with a bounty on EACH of our heads - knock one of us out and win a Golden Ticket into the Vegas Weekly Final on Friday 6th Nov - as we are working with DTD on this promotion, then this is open to every player in the DTD Team Event, not just LPPL members.

Points will be awarded based on finishing position, with the top 3 scores from each team counting towards their team total.

The event buyins will form the prize fund for the team event, with the payout split 75% to the best placed teams & 25% to the best placed individuals.

Team Captains need to contact myself asap to register their team with LPPL - we will advise all LPPL teams to DTD

Finally, all LPPL teams who take part will have all members entered into a £500 Online Freeroll - for those team members only (after the DTD event)


Last edited by Irish Tom on 20/10/2020 at 20:53:49
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Posts: 33.
18/10/2020 20:08
|any midland players interested in entering a midland team in this im interested
Irish Tom
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Posts: 4898.
Yesterday 14:39
LPPL Teams competing, with the highest placed LPPL team crowned the Interleague Online Champions and each member awarded a Vegas Weekly Golden Ticket for the final on Fri 13th Nov - with ALL teams / members who take part being entered into an LPPL £500 freeroll and with the freeroll attracting Nov league points towards the LPPL Monthly Finals Weekend.

Kim Deluchi
Flick Summers
Angie Doherty
Tom Brady
(Vegas Weekly Final Golden Ticket bounty on each head for final 6th Nov)

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