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Posts: 25.
25/07/2020 13:05
|@Shaggy...this happened today. After I had come back from 1.5 blinds back up to around 20 bb, someone limped on my bb with AA and when it flopped I had a flush draw and had hit a 5 on the flop with my 35. When they shoved their 6.7blinds, I decided to call with my flopped pair and flush draw and hit my 3 on the river and took them out. I mean am I too old school to think that when you have around 10BB you should be shoving AA?
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Posts: 20.
27/07/2020 00:22
|yep i got took out earlier today by the small blind holding 23 off, i had ak suited with a smallish stack , so obviosly pushed, and paired my ace on the flop, opponent made the wheel on the river, cruel game this darned poker hey.lol,
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Posts: 69.
31/07/2020 15:13
|If we all played the same it would be a very boring game.
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