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Posts: 357.
20/06/2020 14:42
|Hi guys,
Gavin and Adele have asked me to put something on here to thank you the LPPL and players past and present for all your support and custom over the years, , but sadly they have decided that it's not worth them reopening the pub 😟
I'm sure you will all agree this had been a good venue and weve had some great days/nights out with Gav and Adele, and if I'm I'm rite in saying this could possibly be the pub that's been running lppl games the longest ? If not it's a very close second , been going here for over 10 years 🥰
So a massive thank you to Gav and Adele it's been a great run , ad I'm sure you ould all like to join me in wishing them both ad there girls good luck in ther next venture , all the best guys I for 1 will miss you 😒 xx
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Posts: 263.
22/06/2020 18:09
|Yes Beverley had some great times in there lots of good memories will be sadly missed x
el donko grande
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Posts: 4094.
22/06/2020 19:09
|Best of luck Gavin and Adele in your future endeavours. Lppl West Yorkshire will not be the same without the Nelson
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