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Irish Tom
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Posts: 4830.
11/09/2020 11:49

If you've never played an LPPL game before, then WELCOME - it's quite simple and straightforward to get involved:

1) Join LPPL as a member - https://bit.ly/JoinLPPL

2) If you have a current Party Poker account that's all you need - if you haven't, register for one here - https://bit.ly/LPPLPartyPoker

That's it!

You can now play the daily games and have your scores added to your monthly leaderboard - Monthly Finals and Prizes details here https://lpplleaguepoker.com/forum_view?id=14239&pid=1

Use the search facility within the Party Poker lobby and type ‘LPPL’ to filter to all visible LPPL games (make sure every filter box is set to 'ALL' except for 'Category' which should be set to 'Restricted' - on a mobile sort A-Z and scroll to LPPL)

A VEGAS WEEKLY FINAL will be held every Fri at 8pm, with qualification from the previous week Mon - Sun, and players who win a GOLDEN TICKET during the qualifying week will earn a free seat in the 32-person VEGAS WEEKLY FINAL to be played on the following Fri at 8pm, with players having a 50k stack on a 10 min clock, and the winner bagging themselves an LPPL VEGAS PACKAGE and travel to the fabulous Las Vegas with LPPL in July 2021 during the WSOP Main Event.

Players may win a maximum of 1 Golden Ticket throughout the week, and where they may go on to earn subsequent Golden Tickets, then those tickets will 'drop down' to the next eligible player.

Golden Tickets are won each week as follows:

Every Day Mon - Sun
7pm Pairs Tickets (pair up as a team with someone) (of course can also play as an individual for Monthly Final points and prizes)

Every Day Mon - Sun 9pm Single Ticket

Fri, Sat & Sun - 3 other selected events for Single Ticket

Weekly Giveaway - we select a player, who has played at least one game in the week, and helped promote LPPL that week, and award them a Golden Ticket

PLUS, every day a random draw is made via a Wheel Decide to spin the wheel and select one winner from that day, and that winner will be awarded a Golden Ticket - if the event winner has already won a Golden Ticket for the week then the Golden Ticket will 'drop down' the result of that game until awarded

Each event will play as ‘normal’ (ie 50% paid out to individuals etc) with points awarded to MONTHLY LEAGUE LEADERBOARDS here https://bit.ly/LPPLleaderboards for qualification for the Gold, Silver, Bronze and Playoff Finals.

The scoring system for the PAIRS GOLDEN TICKETS will be a straight 'finishing position = points', ie based on 56 runners (NB THERE ARE NO BONUS POINTS FOR FINAL TABLE)

56th = 56 pts
55th = 55 pts...
2nd = 2 pts
1st = 1 pt

The team with the LOWEST combined score will be declared the winners.

*All players, whether individual or part of a pairs team, must be members of LPPL prior to the event start time, and must have previously played at least 1 LPPL game FOR ANY POINTS TO COUNT TO WIN A GOLDEN TICKET - including to a team score - if 1 player is ineligible, then the team is ineligible. Daily MVP Golden Tickets can be won by a player who has joined LPPL that day. If 2 or more individuals score the exact same points for MVP, then the winner will be decided by a 'count back' starting with the most 1st placed finishes, then 2nd placed finishes etc.

*For 'pairs team' games each event will award a GOLDEN TICKET to EACH MEMBER OF THE WINNING TEAM from all those who post their team details (ie the name of both team members) into a dedicated LPPL Website Forum Topic by the start time of the event for each game. Each ‘team’ game will play as ‘normal’ (ie 50% paid out to individuals etc) but all those teams taking part will have the score of each of their 2 members added together and the winning team will be the lowest combined team score and each member will win a GOLDEN TICKET for that week. Where a team has a member who has already won a GT, then 'their ticket' will 'drop down' to the next winning team's highest placed individual. Both members must be members of LPPL prior to the event start time, and both must have previously played at least 1 LPPL game - if only 1 member fulfils this criteria then neither member will score points nor be eligible for a Golden Ticket. If 2 or more teams score the exact same points, then the team who has the highest placed individual will be declared the winners and awarded the Golden Tickets.


Password for all games = league

Daily Mon - Sun

11am £1 R/A - LPPL Tavern Daily ELEVENSES
Late Reg 9 levels with 10k stack on 6 min clock

2pm £2 R/A - LPPL Tavern Daily AFTERNOON SESH
Late Reg 6 levels with 10k stack on 7 min clock

7pm £5 Freezeout - LPPL Tavern Daily LAST ORDERS Deepstack
No Late Reg with 25k stack on 7 min clock

9pm £2 R/A - LPPL Tavern Daily TIME AT THE BAR
Late Reg 6 levels 10k stack on 7 min clock

10pm £2 R/A - LPPL Tavern Daily LOCK IN Turbo
Late Reg 6 levels 10k stack on 6 min clock

Weekend Fri / Sat / Sun

5:30pm £2 R/A - LPPL Tavern PLO Weekend
Late Reg 5 levels 15k stack on 7 min clock

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