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Ante's for online leagues.

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Darth Btings(B.G.H.)
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Posts: 2401.
09/05/2020 12:28
|Is there a case for ante's being introduced to the online leagues?
Would speed things up a little and antes were introduced for the first time at the last nationals.
Do you like/dislike the idea?Comments please.
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Posts: 351.
09/05/2020 13:21
|No craig sod off my chips dont last long as it's lol
Irish Tom
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Posts: 4521.
09/05/2020 14:12
|I wouldn't want to introduce antes for the current online structures - about 2.5 - 3.5 hours is a good time for an event I think - not too quick, and not too long if you run deep smile

However, that's not to say we couldn't tweak the stacks / structure and introduce antes - but I think the timings (2.5 - 3.5 hrs) are important to not have them a crapshoot or a long drawn out affair.
The Rock
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Posts: 868.
09/05/2020 14:16
|In a turbo? With 6 minute blinds, no. The structure would be too short to allow any real quality. In the 10pm deep stack, yeah I would say so.
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Posts: 213.
09/05/2020 14:23
|Agree with Dave, no good in the 7 o'clock crap shoot.
Would make more sense in Deep Stack
Devious Diva
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Posts: 5076.
09/05/2020 14:32
|I quite like the big blind ante format.....but dont think using it online would improve the game..it helps in live play cos a lot of players have to be reminded time after time to post their blinds...grrrrr
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Posts: 3894.
09/05/2020 17:13
|Don’t need Antes imo...everyone is shoving when down to two tables as it is ( not that I have been on too many of them lol)
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