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1 Oct 2006
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held to 05 Jul 2022
Weekly Events:111,146
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NEWpinnedLPPL Party Poker Individual Game PayoutsLucci069616/06/2022 02:37 by Irish Tom
NEWpinnedLPPL - What's it all about?Irish Tom013,03722/09/2021 11:26 by Irish Tom
NEWpinnedclosedLeague Leaderboard PointsIrish Tom017,81101/05/2020 16:47 by Irish Tom
NEWMATHEW HUBY PLAYS WSOP MAIN EVENT... AND YOU COULD WIN A SHARE....Irish Tom334116/06/2022 10:11 by The Viking
NEWLPPL ONLINE EVENT SCHEDULE FROM 16 JUNE 2022Irish Tom022316/06/2022 02:55 by Irish Tom
NEWLIVE REGIONAL LEAGUES Jun - Aug 2022Irish Tom017015/06/2022 23:41 by Irish Tom
NEWQualifiers For Mar/Apr/May 2022 Live Area Finals.Lucci226008/06/2022 19:31 by Irish Tom
NEWTeam LPPL at BCPC Team ChampionshipIrish Tom101,95627/05/2022 08:39 by Irish Tom
NEWDAILY WHEEL SPINS for Event Winners to win Grand Final StacksIrish Tom773,54218/05/2022 10:47 by Irish Tom
NEWMalta April 2022Irish Tom1063319/04/2022 01:26 by Irish Tom
NEWLas Vegas Summer '22The Don238815/04/2022 23:07 by Irish Tom
NEWLPPL future dates...Irish Tom03,15113/04/2022 03:22 by Irish Tom
NEWYour LPPL Prize PackagesIrish Tom166213/04/2022 03:08 by Irish Tom
NEWLPPL Grand Final 9th - 10th Apr OnlineIrish Tom1394512/04/2022 11:21 by Irish Tom
NEWparty poker problemsMondo575,88810/04/2022 10:08 by Irish Tom
NEWLPPL in Bratislava Aug 2022Irish Tom432409/04/2022 16:48 by Irish Tom
NEWDATES OF NOV 2021 - FEB 22 AREA FINALS Lucci024601/04/2022 00:05 by Lucci
NEWclosedGrand Final Online 12/13 Mar moved to 9/10 AprIrish Tom977030/03/2022 19:47 by Irish Tom
NEWQualifyers for the Nov,Dec,Jan,Feb 2022 Live Area Finals.Lucci275230/03/2022 14:08 by Izzy
NEWPLAY the €555 Battle of Malta in Oct 2022 - Est €2m prizepoolIrish Tom149525/03/2022 18:55 by Dan
NEWOnline Shop...Irish Tom024610/03/2022 21:09 by Irish Tom
NEWclosedOnline National Champs and Grand Final Mar 2022Irish Tom51,58809/03/2022 18:16 by Irish Tom
NEWLPPL at Malta Poker Festival Apr 2022Irish Tom132709/03/2022 06:18 by Ady
NEWLPPL Latest News...Irish Tom024507/03/2022 21:02 by Irish Tom
NEWThe GRAND FINAL at FOPP Nov 2022Irish Tom027707/03/2022 20:23 by Irish Tom
NEWLPPL in Czech Republic Oct 2022Irish Tom692105/03/2022 15:36 by Irish Tom
NEWLPPL at Battle of Malta Apr 2022Irish Tom1097103/03/2022 00:11 by Irish Tom
NEWLPPL LIVE REGIONAL LEAGUES Mar - May 2022Irish Tom024301/03/2022 13:35 by Irish Tom
NEWParty Poker payouts and game setup problemsIrish Tom222912/02/2022 20:08 by Marmite
NEWTeam LPPL at DTD Feb 2022 plus NFL SuperbowlIrish Tom682201/02/2022 15:45 by The Don

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